Education Boxes

What are they?

Mental Makeover Education Boxes are filled with interactive tools and activities striving to teach youth about mental health in an open, light, and easy to learn way. This box is not meant to replace the existing social-emotional learning curriculums but rather act as an engaging additional resource to enhance them.

How do they work?

These boxes aim to develop intimate relationships between trusted guardians, school counselors, child psychologists, teachers, and/or other trusted adults & children. They are focused on engaging authentic and genuine conversations with youth rather than strictly following structured, provided curriculum.


As a team, we aim to implement early education and intervention about mental health so that when youth face mental health challenges, or their loved ones, they are well equipped to cope with and understand their experiences. Early mental health education also allows for us to combat the stigma surrounding mental health. We want to encourage youth to become knowledgeable and open to talking about the topic; rather than shying away from it due to societal stigma.

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“After we worked on a few things on day one, she wanted to work on more the next day. She really enjoyed the matching game.”

“The emotions necklace and the stuffed animal were both very impactful and gave him a sense of ownership of his emotions.”

“I think it would definitely have benefit in a Social and Emotional classroom setting or with children that need the support. It’s also a great conversation starter for parents and children.”